Description of Services

Services include school improvement consulting and coaching to PreK-12 teachers, building administrators, central office personnel, school board members and parents on a wide range of topics and issues related to researched-based best practices in education.  The bulk of Dr. Westerberg’s work is based upon one or both of the following two areas of expertise.

Improving Classroom Instruction and Assessment.
As a long-time member of Robert Marzano’s Art and Science of Teaching faculty, Dr. Westerberg provides professional development related to research-based factors contributing to increased student achievement at the school, classroom, and student levels.  Specific topics include best practices in classroom instruction, standards-based grading, creating high performing schools, and leadership training. His most recent book, Charting a Course to Standards – Based Grading: What to Stop, What to Start and Why it Matters (ASCD, 2016), outlines Westerberg’s approach to best practices in classroom instruction and grading.

High School Transformation.
Dr. Westerberg builds upon his twenty-six years of experience as a high school principal and membership on numerous state and national high school commissions to offer guidance to leadership teams on improving American high schools.  His extensive involvement on both NAASP Breaking Ranks commissions and his own research and experience as captured in his books, Creating the High Schools of Our Choice (Eye On Education, 2007) and Becoming a Great High School (ASCD, 2009), serve as a foundation for this aspect of Dr. Westerberg’s work.

In the past several years Dr. Westerberg has provided keynote addresses, workshops, consultations and coaching to over 100 schools, school districts, area education agencies, professional associations, and state departments of education.